Best caves in Iran

Ali sadr cave as a natural attraction of hamedan and iran

Ali-Sadr One of the World largest canopy caves in the world as Natural Tourist Attraction is in Hamadan. Ali-sadr cave rocks are related to the Jurassic period from the second period of geology. So this journey took about 190 million years ago. From the entrance you pass, you will encounter a cool atmosphere and this will make you forget about the heat. The lake is clear here, so that you can see the floor. You should wear a rescue vest and ride a boat and cross the stone walls. You should continue to take a boat out of the boat. But do not worry, because you'll be riding a boat again, passing a narrow path, from where there are no more boats.

Katale khor cave as a natural attraction of zanjan and iran

Katalekhor Cave as natural tourist attraction located in Garmab of Zanjan province. Now imagine being with one of the most beautiful and unrivaled caves in Iran, then the wonders of the cave will double for you, and you will be surprised at any moment watching the special attractions. We want to talk about one of Iran's unrivaled caves in the name of Katale Khor Cave, located in Zanjan province. The unique features of this cave include the presence of massive calcareous columns that are the result of the combination of stalactites and calcareous stalagmites that have made this cave its own, meaning that these huge columns play a role of preserving It prevents the cave from falling.

Qeshm salt cave as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz and iran

Salt cave is not a typical cave, it is the longest saline cave in the world, which is about six and thirty kilometers wide and has a number of caves inside it. Certain teams from other countries along with Iranian teams are now exploring the cave for further exploration.

Moghan cave as a natural attraction of khorasan and iran

The Moghan Cave, the discovery of mysteries and its secrets and its history, has been the subject of attention by cavers in recent years. Moghan Cave is located 27 km from Mashhad city and south of Moghan village. The history of this phenomenon on the basis of available evidence and the exploration of the scum fossils on the tracks leading to the cave can be considered 100 million years ago or the second period of geology. Due to the presence of dangerous cliffs in the Moghan Cave, entering it without guidance and tools can be dangerous. This cave has two mouths. Its height is 2910 meters from the sea. Within the cave, there are stalagmites and stalactites and several wells, with a depth of one of these wells being 25 meters. There is also an abyss in the cave with a width of 35 meters, and a water pond.

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Top rated Caves of Iran

The journey to the depths of the earth has been a matter of constant human curiosity. Going to the bottom of the underground caves is an amazing experience that solves some of this curiosity. Iran is a vast and vast country, and this area has made countless points of view. There are many caves and natural and historical areas in Iran. Beautiful Iranian caves with unique features all over the country attract tourists and researchers from around the world to visit.

Iran has about 2,000 "caves" from cavers  eyes, and only 350 to 400 caves, geological works, photography and GPS positioning have been made and mapped up, and the remaining caves are not well-known. 

We say from the look of the cavemen, because each of the fields whose work is tied to the caves have a specific definition of the cave. Since the field has been created in Europe, and in that part of the earth most of the caves are caused by the flow of water in the rocks, such cave phenomena are called. Caves of Iran, such as the "Ali Sadr Cave" or "Tahiri Qaleh" are publicly known, and few of these caves are open for public viewing.

Beautiful caves in Iran have unique characteristics all over the country, attracting tourists and researchers from around the world to visit. Caves like

  • Ali Sadr Cave, one of the largest caves in Iran and the world.
  • Multi-storey Cave of katale khor  with its subways and beautiful tunnels
  • Rudafshan Cave with one of the largest caves in Iran
  • Saholan Cave, one of the largest caves in Iran.
  • Karaftu Cave is the largest cave in Iran
  • The Chal Nakhcheer Cave is one of the most beautiful calcareous caves in the world
  • Cave of parau, Everest Caves of Iran
  • Historical caves of Xorbas
  • Danial Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the country
  • Bornik Cave is a safe place to live in danger and life during the cave period.
  • The Yakhmorad cave with  cresset and it’s frozen lakes are special and general.
  • the cave of Amjak