Katale khor cave

Katale khor cave of zanjan and iran

Katalekhor Cave as natural tourist attraction located in Garmab of Zanjan province. Now imagine being with one of the most beautiful and unrivaled caves in Iran, then the wonders of the cave will double for you, and you will be surprised at any moment watching the special attractions. We want to talk about one of Iran's unrivaled caves in the name of Katale Khor Cave, located in Zanjan province. The unique features of this cave include the presence of massive calcareous columns that are the result of the combination of stalactites and calcareous stalagmites that have made this cave its own, meaning that these huge columns play a role of preserving It prevents the cave from falling.

katale khor

katale khor

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Abiut Katalekhor Cave

Initially it was the water cave. It is probably interesting to know that this is initially it was the water cave, but since it is made up of several floors, water penetrates the lower floors and becomes a dried cave. Walking through the corridors of the cave, you see the crystalline transparent limestone, beautifully decorating the interior of the cave, and walking a little. Certainly, you see the stalactites of cauliflower so delicious that you like the path. Continue and discover more wonders.

Cauliflower stalactites

Other prominent features of this cave include the beautiful transparent chandelier and the cauliflower stalactites. Continue to go to the Patrol to find out more about the Caldwell Cove.The Katalekhor cave consists of three floors, with its sub-tunnels, slicks, acaclactyms and columns, and the main passageways of the conical goblins, which have impurities due to their impurities, have come in many colors.

The cave is a limestone that is visible in some parts of it, clay and soils containing iron oxide. The cave is about the age of the cave of Ali Sadr in Hamadan. Of course, these two caves are different from two directions. The crater of the Katale Khor Cave is at a height of 1700 meters above sea level, and its height difference is 50 meters from the height of the eye that drains the freshwater from the cave and flows into the river.

The entrance to the cave is a 4,000-meter-long open-air corridor with no roof caverns and a few atrium entrances. After the atrium there is a 950 meter wide corridor with 2 meters high elevation and dry pits, which continues with a 50 meter extension. The corridor, after passing through a hill, reaches the large chamber, covered with abstracts and abbreviations and columns. The inlet of the atrium is closed to prevent potential damage.

Katalekhor Cave sections

Currently, the cave is divided into three sections, cultural, recreational and sports; its sports sector is only used by cavers and rock climbers, it is about 4 km, though its end has not yet been discovered.

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