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The Moghan Cave, the discovery of mysteries and its secrets and its history, has been the subject of attention by cavers in recent years. Moghan Cave is located 27 km from Mashhad city and south of Moghan village. The history of this phenomenon on the basis of available evidence and the exploration of the scum fossils on the tracks leading to the cave can be considered 100 million years ago or the second period of geology. Due to the presence of dangerous cliffs in the Moghan Cave, entering it without guidance and tools can be dangerous. This cave has two mouths. Its height is 2910 meters from the sea. Within the cave, there are stalagmites and stalactites and several wells, with a depth of one of these wells being 25 meters. There is also an abyss in the cave with a width of 35 meters, and a water pond.



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About Moghan Cave Attraction

Many mysteries lie in the heart of the Mogan Cave, so that the existence of a pond of water in the middle of the cave and several wells has caused some of the natives of the area to suspect that the cave was once a place of fairyland. This cave is located 75 km from Mashhad, south of Moghan village. The Moghan Cave is located at an altitude of 2910 meters above sea level and has two openings south and east. The main mouth of the cave is the southern mouth, which does not require lighting up to 120 meters.

There is a water pond in the middle of the cave, after which the cave is divided into several subdivisions. The cave has gorges and diverse ways that, If you do not know the environment, it's likely that you will be lost. From the ceiling of this beautiful cave, the columns of stalactite and stalagmite are made of limestone and have created a very interesting view are hanging.

There is a spring inside the cave, which is very cold, in addition to its sweetness and cuisine. There are several wells inside this cave where some of them live bats.

SEVERAL WELLS of Moghan Cave

The most important threat to the cave is the existence of various wells and an abyss of 35 centimeters, with a depth of some 25 meters. Perhaps this deadly cause has caused a variety of superstitions to the natives, which has led to the death of a number of cavers over the years. Bats are here as well. However, this set of geographic factors inevitably necessitates the existence of a guide.

Features and Beautiful Halls of Moghan Cave

The height of the cave is at the shortest point of about four meters and at its highest point it reaches twelve meters.

Also, the width of the entrance to the cave is nineteen meters and after about a hundred and twenty meters, we reach a strait of four meters. The Moghan Gardens have five halls, and a maximum of two hours is required for a full visit to the cave.

The entrance width is initially 19 meters and its height at the beginning of 4 and up to 12 meters continues. In some areas of the ceiling of the cave, water is melting. At a distance of 110 meters, we reach the Twin Stalagmite. At a distance of 120 meters from the beginning of the cave, we encounter a bottleneck of 4 meters in width.

To the west, we reach the beginning of the second hall. The first hall with a length of 246 meters and a width of 11 to 33 meters and a height of about 9 meters is the largest hall in the caves of the Khorasan. The second hall has a length of 29 meters and a width of 10 meters and a height of 7 meters. After a rise, we reach the two western and southwest caverns with a length of 19 meters, each leading to the third hall, which is, of course, the western route is better and simpler.

The third hall is 12 meters long, 7 meters wide and 6 meters high. In front of us, there is a 5 meter cliff and a narrow slope on the right. To cross this section, we need the ropes and support of the companions.

After passing through this part, we reach the fourth hall. The hall has a length of 23 meters, a width of 8 meters and a height of 6 meters. After about 23 meters, we reach the eastern and western Two-Way, each length is 17 meters. After passing through it, we will have a beautiful hall with a pond at a depth of 20 to 40 cm and a diameter of 5 × 4 meters.

This is the most beautiful hall of this cave. The existence of this pond as well as the stalagmites calcareous columns and the stalactites added to the beauty of this cave. It should be noted that the water of this pond is Non-drinkable.

The best time to visit Moghan Cave

To discover the cave and the pleasure of discovering it, the best time of the first six months of the year is the good weather, because in the second six months of the year due to the cold and rain the cave route is not suitable for going.

Moghan Cave Addresses in Khorasan

To reach the Moghan Cave, you will have to visit the beautiful villages such as Balnder, Khan Rood, Ordemeh and Moghan. These villages are also very prominent.

Khorasan Razavi province, thirty-five kilometers from Mashhad, south of Moghan village

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